Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Wet! Not moving today then....

The plan was to move today but we really do love it here and it was raining again, so that made up our minds .... We just messed about today. Al was doing some bits and pieces inside Derwent6 while Del went on the hunt for wood, there just seems plenty of it around here. Del then did some small jobs in the engine room before we went for a walk to the local marina. We wanted to suss out if we could get a pumpout there and how much it was. We wanted a good strong pumpout so it might unblock the system as it didn't work last time we tried it. We were going to get diesel as well, but at 92p on a 60/40 split, we might hang on for a bit longer. So we will be popping in there tomorrow before we set off (unless it's raining)

While we were on our walk we noticed a great restaurant which was a old mill house and looked fantastic with reasonable prices. So in the evening it was rude not to try it out.


Bottle said...


92ppl on 60/40?
I paid £1.04 on that split at Braunston marina two weeks ago. (They will only sell at that split) and the fuel boat was 86ppl on 0/100 split, last I saw.
Think I will try and get down that way just to fill up.;-)

Del and Al said...

Hi Bottle.....lol trouble is, we've been used to 50p - 69p !! Also, won't use anyone who won't allow self declaration. (We are nowhere near 60/40 split) Try Calcutt, they are usually good, last time was 67p (any split). We're waiting for the diesel boat now at 64p!

Anonymous said...

Try flushing natural yoghurt down the loo once a week, really helps to err, keep things "flowery" & prevent build up. (Fermentation comes into it somewhere). I'm trying to be polite here & not go into too much detail lol