Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lazy Sunday afternoon

We had a bit of a lay in this morning because of the two exhausting days we had. Del spent the morning writing a new song while Al watched Strictly and X Factor. We then decided to go out to the pictures and see the film 2012, so we hopped on the DLR and made our way to Canary Wharf and made the 2.00pm film. It was packed with people and if we had queued for drinks we wouldn't have been sitting together. The effects are brilliant, if a bit far fetched, all the same we enjoyed it.

We then found a new Mexican restaurant with reasonable prices called The Wahaca. The food was just fabulous and the place had a really good atmosphere. We had a great time there and will be going again. We then got the DLR back to Derwent6 and it was coffee and bed for us. A nice relaxing day!


Adam said...

Wahaca is where the winner of MasterChef, Thomasina Miers, is the head chef. They seem to be opening all over London. Haven't been yet myself, but all the reports I've heard have been good.

Anonymous said...

Hope the songs are getting better because you will never make any money unless they do. But keep on going and enjoy.


Del and Al said...

Hi Adam, wow didn't realise that. It was certainly good food, and the prices were really resonable for London

Del and Al said...

Hi Steve, when we are famous singer/songwriters.....oopps just woken up lol xx