Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Do all your ambitions!

Al left early again this morning to pick up her Mum & Dad. They have always wanted to get to see Derwent6 and as we are so close it was an opportunity for them. They are both in their 80's now and it isn't a easy task getting them to the boat let alone get on Derwent6.We got Pam in the wheel chair and took her to the cratch, while Alf was like a child in a sweet shop looking all over Derwent6 and stepping on and off the stern and asking loads of questions. While this was going on Pam was determined to get on and have a look. We set up some small steps and took the seats out the cratch and gently lowered her into the well deck. It was the same operation to get her into the saloon and it worked. It was so great to have them onboard and fulfilling a long ambition of Alf's to get on Derwent6, as he has played a big part in the construction and plotting of our travels on Derwent6. We ended up having lunch on board.......we think they got too cosy by the fire. We had a lovely day with them before they decided to leave before the rush hour. Thanks both for coming up to see us..... Oh! and you can have your car back now (it was only a worry having it) Thanks again!

BW are now starting on the lock gates here at Rammey Lock and tomorrow they will be lifted out for repair. We may not be around to see them.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you both (Pam & Alf)enjoyed your visit to the boat, take care all of you.


Anonymous said...

Oh Al, so pleased you finally got your Mum and Dad to see your new home, Im sure you had a very special day. Look forward to seeing you soon - love and xxxxxxxxxx Zx

Anonymous said...

Great to see Al's Mum and Dad visiting your home. We hope you all had a lovely time and bet it's going to be the topic of conversation with their friends and neighbours for a long time!

See you soon.
Joyce & Steve x

Del and Al said...

Thanks everyone.....we all had a lovely day

Anonymous said...

Great to see Pam & Alf on derwent with you,looks like you all had a great time best wishes take care.