Friday, November 20, 2009

Pictures paint lovely memories

Looked at the weather and it said the wind was going to pick up and it was going to rain at 10.00am, so we started the engine and made our way to the pumpout station. As we got there someone was already trying to get on but making a bit of a hash of it in the wind, so they let us go in front of them. We quickly got our pump out and pushed Derwent6 back through the bridge and the wind in our favour helped us to turn easy. It was again tricky to turn in the basin but as we moored up the rain started...Perfect timing!

We then got a text with some very sad news that our friend Jayne Woodgate, had lost her fight with cancer. We went to Jayne and John Woodgates wedding just two months ago and again this reminded us why we are doing what we are doing. Our condolences and thoughts are with all Jayne's family and friends at this really sad time....

To make us feel better we thought we would try and get Del's guitar string which broke last night, so we made our way over to Tottenham Court Road and picked up a set of strings. We then walked back to Covent garden and then over to see the Forest at Trafalgar Square which everyone kept talking about. Well, what a waste of time and money that was, just a load of tree stumps brought all the way from South America. I know it's the rain forest but honestly!Anyway we then walked over to The National Gallery which is free, and were amazed by the paintings they have and how close you can get to them. We're not heavily into paintings, but you would be shocked at how good the exhibition is. Constable, Van Gogh, Turner, and Leonardo de Vinci to name a few. It was a eye opener!

We then got the tube back to Derwent6 via picking up some shopping at Sainsbury's and on the way back Al slipped on the pontoon in her boots and came crashing to the ground. Her knee was very painful but with a bit of TLC it should be alright. We were pleased we had lit the fire before we left, and it was all warm and cosy on board. Al rested her knee and Del restrung the guitar and we had a nice quiet night.


Anonymous said...

hope your knee isnt too bad x looks like youre enjoying London town - hope to see you soon Zx

Les Biggs said...

"reminded us why we are doing what we are doing".... from the blog.
Hit home those words, your friend John and Jayne`s family have my deepest sympathy.

Del and Al said...

Thankyou means a lot