Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Lord Mayor's Show

Well we were being tossed around like an old tin can last night and had to get up at 1.00am due to the fact that it was rocking and banging us against the sides at such a force it felt like we were at sea. We had to get up and adjust the fenders twice before it settled down a bit and we managed to get some sleep.It the morning it was just as bad and the rain was giving Derwent6 a good wash with the sound of running water everywhere.
It was the Lord Mayor's Parade today so we were off at 10.30 and made our way to St Paul's Cathedral which is normally £11.00 to go in but was free to the public today.
When you first walk in it just blows you away, the architecture is just fantastic. We walked the 489 steps up to the whispering gallery and then made our way to the top which is round the rim of the dome itself.The wind was howling a bit but we were able to watch the parade from here. We then went down to the Crypt and saw the tombs of Admiral Nelson, Duke of Wellington, Florance Nightingale and Christopher Wren, just a marvelous place to be. While we were down there we heard the choir practicing and it just sounded so good. When we came out we then saw a free dance show which lasted about half a hour and was performed by a top dance academy, which was as good as a west end show and we were in the front row. You weren't allowed to take photos inside the cathedral so you will have to look at the postcards we bought as a memento.

We then popped on to the tube (using the Oyster card) and went to Bank where we just got out in time to see the parade on it's return journey. With over 6,000 people involved it took an hour for it to pass and luckily the rain held off. You felt quite proud to be giving the forces a good cheer with all the work they are doing around the world. We were also given a free orange each from the greengrocers guild! It all finished with the Lord Mayor in his golden carriage. We then got something to eat in Oxford Street and then made our way to the Embankment as there was going to be Fireworks on the Thames. This we then found out had been cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions which we've got to say were getting worse. So it was back on the tube to Derwent6.

The rain started just as we got back on board and the waves also started battering us about a bit but it was all a bit exciting really. We were so tired we decided on another early night and we were rocked to sleep by the wind.

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