Monday, November 16, 2009

Down in Kent again

Woken up this morning by two boats going down through the lock and onto the Thames, a lot braver then we are.The wind was still quite strong and the ferry boats were whizzing back and forth. We then set of for the station and made our way down to Kent for the day. We got the train to Shoreham and then walked into the village.We had some time with Pam & Alf and did a few jobs for them. We had some lunch before they drove us back to Otford where we got the fast train back into London.It only took a hour door to door and it just goes to show you're not far away.

We got the DLR back and we were sitting right at the front. The DLR has no drivers so it was a bit of a weird thing coming into stations with no one at the driving seat.

Derwent6 was a bit cold when we got back so we fired up the heating for a couple of hours and then had dinner. We're having so much fun here in London!


Anonymous said...

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Del and Al said...

Hi, glad you're enjoying the blog...