Monday, October 19, 2009

Move a little, rest a lot.

Slight drizzle this morning so thought we would sit it out to see if it cleared up. We just did some tidying up and cutting up some kindling. It was a bit damp and nippy so the fire was cranked up and it was soon warm and toasty. Al then walked into Waltham Abbey and got some provisions while Del got rid of the rubbish. In the afternoon the weather brightened up and we decided to move. Well we got half a mile and saw a nice mooring so the engine only just got warm. We did go through one lock though.From the cratch we can watch the youth hostel guys canoeing, sailing and climbing on the lake and island nearby. With the fire roaring inside it was difficult to do anything after that, so we didn't.


Keith Lodge said...

It is a lovely mooring there. That is where we stopped, but it was much warmer.
We are still in Market Harborough as Keith is now in hospital, so not sure when we will be moving again.
Happy cruising to you both, take care.
Love Jo xx

Del and Al said...

Oh Jo, so sorry to hear about Keith. Give him our love and hope he's feeling better soon. You take care, and keep us posted x