Friday, October 23, 2009

All topped up

We were on the hunt for water this morning after we had had showers. Del had his hair cut and Al went to the shops and had a look around in Stanstead Abbotts and then we were on our way. We had to tackle the difficult lock of Stanstead Lock which has different gate paddles and even with Del holding Derwent6 it still got bashed about. It also has a swingbridge going right across the middle of it. The water tap was just past the lock and for a change it was where the Nicholson guide said it was (that's a first round here). We were now all topped up. It took a hour and a half to fill with water before we moved on to the picnic area moorings right on the Amwell nature reserve, just a bit further on. We just chilled for the rest of the day sitting out in the cratch in the peace and quiet, and the sunshine. The weather has been great for October and we are making the most of it.


abfab said...

Thanks for a brilliant blog. Its keeping us going untill we have our own nb..x Trudy& John Derby

Del and Al said...

Hi Trudy & John, know how you feel, we used to be exactly the same! Hopefully won't be too long for you now x