Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Down the Lee with extra crew

Cloudy start today, and this morning was taken up with cleaning and shopping. Derwent6 got a good old hover through, as we had guest's arriving. Steve, Erica, Tanya & Zak arrived at 1pm, to stay for a few days. We set off back through the locks just as the sun came out, and had a lovely trip back to Stansted Abbotts. It didn't take us as long this time with the extra crew on board. We moored up around 4pm, and the fishing rods came out. Here's a sight you won't have seen before!! Del with a fishing rod in his hand!!!!
In the evening it was so warm we were all able to sit out on the towpath with a glass of wine and a beer of course. Later we went to the pub The Jolly Fisherman....


Anonymous said...

Just caught up with your travels.

Hope you all had a good time. You were very lucky with the weather.

Take care

Sarah & Mark

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great time and we are looking forward to the blogs complete with PICTURES.

Steve, Erica, Tanya and Zak