Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Warning low bridge at Hertford

Well after cleaning Derwent6 yesterday.... yes it rained overnight. It was cloudy but we decided to move on today to the end of the navigation on the Lee. We set off up through the first lock and noticed some wood on the towpath so picked it up. You have to very careful through these locks because the gate paddles are quite fierce at times. We have been getting off Derwent6 and roping her down tight, before opening the paddles. We made our way through Ware and through the lock on the other side of the town.

We then passed the Intake house for the New river. This New river goes to Islington in London and you can walk or bike the whole route. This is a river made back in 17th Century and was used for getting fresh water to London after they thought the Thames was polluted due to the great plague. This fresh water was used right up until the 19th Century until they came up with some way of purifying water from the Thames.

We then stopped for water as there are not many spots to stop at. We did manage to have a manual pumpout as well.
We then got to Hertford town centre and were a bit shocked at how low the last bridge is before the winding hole. There was a two inch clearance on Derwent6's chimney and we don't want to lose another one of them..... you can't moor past the last bridge but there are a few visitors moorings just before you need to turn.

After mooring up we walked into town and had a look at the castle. We were also amazed at the number of shops here. We then had a coffee in a lovely little coffee shop in the square before heading back to Derwent6 (via Tesco's) before it got dark.
We had another result because we were able to log on to someones broadband signal here... we are quite liking the Lee.....

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