Friday, October 02, 2009

Can you believe it......

Derwent6 got covered again this morning by the farmer cutting his sweetcorn the other side of the hedgerow.and also this weather!!!! We decided to leave because the sky was so blue and the sun strong, but it was definitely colder and a sweat shirt was required. We then passed the spot where the great train robbery had taken place. We kept a sharp eye out for the odd bar of gold which may have been dropped. After going through one lock, we got to Leighton Buzzard where there is a Tesco's right along side the canal, and you guessed it Al had to top up. There seems to be loads of ducks this year the place was swamped with them.. We then moved on to the Glove lock where the old lock keepers cottage has been turned into The Glove Inn and a new marina was being built next door to it.We then moved up through Church lock and out into the country with some stunning scenery with the lion on the hill in the distance. We moored up just before Slapton Lock, and it was really starting to turn cold so we lit the fire.
Derwent6 was so warm and snug, Al did a Chinese meal while Del lit the candles and put some music on. We sat out in the cratch watching the full moon out the bow window... will someone pinch us both!

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