Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shop till you drop, again.

After having a look at what was going on locally we found out that the Brookfield retail park was about a mile away. The biggest Mark's & Spencer's in Hertfordshire, Tesco's, Boots, Next etc. Al's eye's lit up. Where we are here is quite a good area with a good train and bus service, local leisure centre and bowling. We set off at around 10.30 and had to walk across the level crossing and then had to cross the A10 on a footbridge. The Mark's was huge and Al had one of her spending heads on. Guess who had to carry it all back. We could have got the bus but the exercise will do us good.

In the afternoon Del went for a bike ride and covered the 10km route here in the park. It did try to rain, but only a sprinkle, so it never stopped us doing anything. We did light the fire though.....
Just chilled in the evening with a bit of guitar.

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