Thursday, October 01, 2009

October Fest has started..

We did have plans to have someone on board today, but they have blown us out for a trip to France (not naming names!!!), so we reversed up from where we stayed last night to Willowbridge marina as the diesel price of 62p was sooooo good, nice people too. We then moved down breaking a line in the fallen leaves on the canal and clearing the prop every two mile or so, till we got to the pretty lock at Stoke Hammond.Note the two arches here. There used to be double locks here at one time to speed things up, as the Grand Union used to be so busy. We then moved on to the Three Locks at Soulbury which has a nice pub . It is lovely around here and it wasn't long before we wanted to soak up the atmosphere. Del went for a bike ride in the afternoon while Al read her book. We didn't feel the need to light the fire, but it feels like it's getting close.

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