Thursday, July 08, 2010

Quiet in London

Up early today as Del had to go down to Kent to attend a funeral of a very close friend's dad, Bernard.
These are the times that remind us of keeping close to our friends.
Al stayed in London and was using the time to do some shopping. She went into Oxford street and came back along the Edgeware road. It is great being back in London with so much going on and so much to do. Funny enough it has been quite quiet here in Paddington Basin with not a lot of movement and a few spaces available, maybe it will get busy again at the weekend. Al was invited round to join Pip, Karen & Ian on n.b Windsong and n.b Serenity for drinks and nibbles which went on till late in the warm evening... Del got back at 10.00pm and joined the party, before we all crashed out to bed.


Mich said...

Hi Del and Al
I understand you are using G.P.S please would you advise me what software you are using for the canal many thanks

Del and Al said...

Hi Barry
Sorry mate we are not using G.P.S but we have got a ETrex we use for Geocaching, so we always know where we are.

Steve and Chris Spreyer said...

Al hope you don't mind me butting in on this. By the way love reading the blog, sure wish we could be with you on the cut. We've decided to book a holiday on the leeds liverpool next year. AmyJo will be 65ft so won't be able to go on it so we thought we'd hire now while we wait for the build.

You can use Navvigator that is free from
You can then buy a cheap (£35.00) on ebay) USB GPS unit to plug into your laptop and interface to the program. Thats what I am using.