Saturday, July 31, 2010

Crew pick up day

Thomas was going back home today so we found a spot up by the lock with a view over the golf course where there was a track to get a car down. We then waited for Thomas's mum and dad who turned up about 1.00pm. Cliff and Louise came with Jack, Matty, and Ella and we had already got the BBQ lit for their arrival. After a good chat and some grub the kids wanted to do some geocaching, so we walked off the BBQ and found two caches. This made us thirsty so we then found a pub up in the village and had a few drinks in the garden (with some chips) They left at around 9.30pm and Thomas left us with this little present he had made before he came on board. It is a small model of Derwent6 going into a lock, it even had the heart on it. Thanks for all your help Thomas, we had lots of fun and we really enjoyed your stay.

After doing the washing up and having a bit of a tidy we went to bed.

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