Friday, July 02, 2010

A Cool Cruise to Kings Langley

We left early this morning as it looked like rain. It did make it a bit cooler as of late and as we planned to do about seventeen locks today it could only be a good thing.
We waited for about half a hour to see if we could do them with another boat but no-one showed, so we were all on our own. We had to fill every lock we came to because BW were asking you to drain every lock when you were coming up, but there seemed plenty of water in all of the pounds. It was a slow process till we got to the swing bridge and then we passed another boat, so had some locks full for us. We never got any rain and the sun was trying to come out as we went through Hemel Hempstead and on to Aspley. Al popped into Sainsburys and picked up some long life milk, while Del filled Derwent6 with water. Another boat passed us and called out 'hello, we read your blog!'. Thanks guys, and sorry we didn't catch the name of your boat. We then were passed by n.b Little Pumpkin and they helped us through our last five locks and they also read our blog. We should be seeing more of them on our trip!

We moored up at Kings Langley and managed to get a TV signal just in time for the Holland/Brazil game. Why can't we play like Holland? We also watched Andy Murray!

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