Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Heasgoods together again

After a late start we had a walk to the shops and emptied the bins on the way. At midday we got a call from Alex saying their cab would be arriving shortly, so we walked to Paddington station to meet them. It was lovely to see Richard, Lisa, Alex and Olivia Thorogood again and as soon as we got back to Derwent6 the drinks were out. We then got the chairs out and had a nice salad lunch with strawberries to follow. The heat was now at about 33 degrees and we were lucky enough to have this nice breeze blowing through the basin but we decided to have a walk in Kensington and Hyde parks. We went to the Princess Diana memorial (with our ice Lolly's) which is a small stream where you can paddle. The park was packed!
We sat in the shade for a bit before walking back to Derwent6, but the heat did wear you out.

When we got back it was more drinks and a catch up before they had to go. We then got out the wine and sat out in the cratch with Pete and Irene from n.b Pinks, who are moored next to us and celebrating their new, on the way, grandchild.

We got to bed at midnight!!!!

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