Sunday, July 25, 2010

A New Crew Member

Del was up early this morning due to the fact that Al had stayed in Kent overnight and was a bit worse for wear. Here a photo of Steve, Susie, Greg, Al, Charlie and Zoe...So it was a good chance to scrub and clean down the port side of Derwent6.
In this very clean springlike water it was swimmers on and with scrubbing brush in hand he went round the blacked part of Derwent6. When that was done out come the paint brush and some touching up was required. In this water it is easy to do some inspections underneath and also it is very clear to see the prop.
In the afternoon Al returned with a new crew member. Thomas was staying with us for a week during the school holidays and boy was he looking forward to it. After some dinner we went for a walk over to the park and Del & Al got involved. Aching from that, we then went on another walk and did some Geocaching (treasure hunting) and managed to find a small hidden box in the middle of a field, Thomas was loving it... We were ready for bed!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I bet thomas could have gone on for ages.
Hope you have a good week and he behaves for you sorry if he eats you out of boat and home but I think he has his uncle Del's appetite lol