Wednesday, July 07, 2010

An Early Bird

An early bird catches the worm... We were up at 5.30am as we were going into London. The vibe was that is was really busy in the basin so we were hoping to catch someone coming out. We crept past all the house boats on the way and after a couple of hours we got to Bulls Bridge. We then turned up onto the Regents Canal and knew we were headed into London with the planes so close landing at Heathrow. We still can't believe that you can get into the Capital this way and not see any traffic, it's just fantastic. After another three hours we got to Little Venice with only a little bit of weed to contend with. There were no moorings at Little Venice so we had our fingers crossed as we went into the basin. Hey Ho it was worth leaving early as we had the choice of five berths, and managed to maneuver Derwent6 onto one of the pontoons. We then settled in and walked up to the BW office to let them know of our arrival. We then found the nearest pub for the football. It was full of Spanish contingency and we had fun with them all as Spain won 1 - 0.
It was only a short walk back to Derwent6 for chips and salsa out in the cratch in the lit up basin.

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