Thursday, July 22, 2010

Expensive in Henley

It was a warm start to the morning but the clouds we looming in so we set off at 9.00am and got through the first lock just as the lock keeper turned up. We topped up with water at the top and there was a big clap of thunder, so we battened down the hatches. It was still raining but we had to move due to the fact that two other boats also wanted water. We cruised in the light rain for about a hour before the sun came out again. It was a pleasant cruise through Hurley and Aston but there wasn't much to see as it was lined with trees with a few posh houses in between. Also moorings were a bit scarce and what ones we saw, farmers wanted six pounds to moor there. As we got closer to Henley it got more expensive and difficult to find a mooring. We had a boat in front of us which grabbed one (dam), but it turned out to be a bonus as we got nearer to the town. Someone was coming out of a free of charge mooring from 10.00am till 3.00pm. It was nine pounds to stay overnight though. We arrived a 11.00am so we had the best part of the day to walk around Henley.
We had a walk around the market and then grabbed something to eat in Weatherspoons. Everything was so expensive here!!! We did use the butchers and bakers though before we left.We went through the next lock and managed to find a bank at Wargrove marshes to throw Derwent6 into. We were sticking out a bit, but who cares it was free.

We are in amongst the trees but the wildlife is fantastic and as the rain was starting again we weren't moving.
I wonder how much these people paid for this wet trip up the Thames!!!!!

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