Friday, July 30, 2010

Back on the Oxford Canal

We all had some bits and pieces we wanted to pick up in Oxford so we had a walk into town but got caught up in a film crew filming a new series of Lewis for TV. We got back to Derwent6 around midday and then set off to find a mooring just out of town. Well we went through two locks and tried to moor up just before Duke's cut, but with no success. It was so shallow and rocky there was no way Derwent6 was going to get in there. So we headed up the cut and onto the Oxford canal. Blimey it felt so different.... It was very shallow, narrow and we were cleaning the prop again every two to three miles, but it was good to be back on them. We had forgotten how pretty the Oxford is. We got to Thrupp and we still couldn't find a mooring, everyone must be travelling down to the IWA at Beale Park, and they were all taken.We got a far as Kirtlington before we found one but by this time it was 7.00pm, a long day! We had some dinner in the cratch before settling down for the night.

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