Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Down to Brentford

We got up early and set off from the basin... We were able to turn ok due to the drop in the wind. We got to the pumpout station and were surprised that it was empty, but we soon found out why! The machine was not working again and a notice had been put up. Thank god we've got the manual pump to get us out of trouble. We then made our way out of the city and were greeted by a regiment ready to give us the gun salute over one of the bridges. After about three and a half hours and a stop at Sainsbury's, we got to Bulls Bridge where we turned left. Wow this was new ground for us and the first shock was, it rained (only a shower) and the second shock was the weed in the canal. The weed hatch had to be lifted twice and a mixture of plastic bags and reeds, Oh! and a red umbrella. We descended down the Hanwell flight which goes past the old Asylum and ended up doing ten locks to finish the day and to finish us off. We knew we had got to Brentford when we arrived at the old BW yard, and we managed to moor up without any problems, but we are right on the flight path into Heathrow. We then had a walk about and looked at the Thames...Wow! exciting!!!!!!!

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