Sunday, April 29, 2018

That wasn't forecasted

We had a bit of lay in this morning and could hear the sun making Derwent6 creak and groan as the sides got warmed up, but it still felt cold, like we had had a frost. We ended up having to light the fire.
We had some breakfast in the cratch and then set off.
It started to cloud over and then we had one of those April showers, "That wasn't forecast" Del said as he put on his coat.

We followed a boat up to Hillmorton Locks (now the busiest locks on the system with over 9,000 boats last year).
A boat came out the lock as we arrived and we went straight in with two waiting below us for us to come down.
With the locks in our favour it didn't take us long to descend and be on our way again..
Work was still being carried out on the new houses and link road here with some slight restrictions.
We got to one of our favourite moorings at Clifton and set up things to chill for the rest of the day.

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