Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Day 3 Blacking

We got up at 7.30am with good intentions of getting another coat on Derwent6, but when we opened an old pot of blacking we had, it had turned to treacle and was difficult to put on.. We did manage to get another coat on around the water line where it is more susceptible to rust, so that made our mind up to just let it dry all day while out of the water.
It turned out we needed it as the gloss paint took an age to dry in those damp conditions. This freed us up for the day and we were waiting for paint to dry, literally..
At 4.00pm the pub was gagging so Del went over and met up with Mark's Navy boy friends, not a good move, but all that waiting had made us thirsty. Skeggsy, Marks mate had come up to help, he had even brought up some things for the boys and flower's for the girls, thanks Skeggsy!

Things got loud and things got messy, but we did eat and it took some of the aching pain away. We had a great night as we always do as they took the micky out of civvy Del all night. Mark very kindly paid for our meals that night, thanks Shipmate!
When we got back the smell was subsiding, which meant it must be drying nicely or we were just getting used to the smell.. We fell into bed..

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