Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Lucky in the Arm

We had a window with the weather to go into the Welford Arm. Mark off n.b. Mochyn Du walked up the Arm to see if there were any spots. He found out that the 14 day moorings were free so we both set off. On the way in we passed a boat and they had come out of the finger moorings in the basin. So after helping Mark through the lock we turned at the end and reversed into the slot at the end of the arm..
We moored next to a hire boat and found out they were leaving in a couple of hours. This was perfect, and allowed Mark to wait around and then pull in beside us..
The only problem with this is its right next to the Wharf Inn pub and its rude not to.. We went in at 1.00pm and came out at 7.30pm, not just a couple of pints then.. Yep it was an early night for Del anyway lol


Oakie said...

I just love that mooring and was there two yrs ago up to the mooring limit. You are quite right about the pub ...it would be rude not to visit The Wharf Inn. Have you got a drone for the aerial photos? Longer term moorings there are very safe and reasonable, if you want to leave the boat for a while.
nb Stronghold

Del and Al said...

Hi Ray, yes its a great mooring and great pub! Not our drone, its Mark's, Good fun and it takes a really good picture....