Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Ready to go!

Del was up early and checked to see if the gas locker was dry after blacking it.. It was still tacky but we wanted gas to have a nice cup of tea so everything went back in..
Del then fitted the new door handle to the engine room door and then got to work on the fire as we had to let it go out.. After cleaning the grates he tried to sort out the chimney which had gone a bit rusty and was very wobbly on the roof.. We have shortened it a bit and hope it lasts through the rest of the winter and Spring months..
After filling with water we were called into the dock so it could be emptied first thing the following morning..
We were back on shoreline and Les gave us heater to keep us warm, as you can't have fires and also can't use the central heating because of fumes..
So it's sit and wait for us until all hell lets loose..

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