Monday, April 02, 2018

Some Beach, Somewhere!

Well we're back home to our lovely Derwent6 and it was a bit of a shock from 80 degrees to three and wet and very muddy.. Our other shock was the drive back took us six hours and being jet lagged that wasn't easy.. but we had just the best 35th Wedding Anniversary anyone could wish for..
He's a quick recap of what we did, starting in Nashville.

Then it was on to Chattanooga via the Jack Daniels distillery at Lynchburg, seeing the Ruby falls and Mountain Lookout

Then it was on to Atlanta where we saw Blake Shelton and went to The world of Coca Cola and Martin Luther King memorial, then out to Stone Mountain the biggest rock in the world.
Then it was on to one of the best beaches we have ever been on, 50 miles of it..

So when you're stressed and looking at the rain in your wellies, think of this song and your time will come..
Some beach, somewhere
There's a big umbrella casting shade over an empty chair.
Palm trees are growin',
A warm breeze is blowin',
I picture myself right there,
On some beach, somewhere.

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