Wednesday, May 09, 2018

A window to be busy!

We woke up to the rain coming down on the roof so we didn't rush to get up. After breakfast it still continued to rain so we did some more paperwork after Al had picked up our post from Kent.
We got a window to move at 3.00pm in the afternoon and set off with the sunshine in the distance.

It was an easy cruise to Brownsover where we managed to get a spot under the willow trees.

It was then all systems go. We walked down to the retail shops where Al picked up some bits and Del brought Al's Birthday presents. We then walked to Tesco's and got our weekly shop and managed to take the trolley back to Derwent6.
Then we made up Tooty's carrier and took him to the Vets for his yearly jabs and worming tablets.
As he gets car sick he prefers to be carried. We then returned back to Derwent6 just in time for Del to see the football. Busy, busy, busy!.

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