Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Day Delay

We are booked in for blacking here at Welford and were told that we might have a 24hour delay to get in the shed.. This gave us some time to do some other jobs and Del started by doing the gas locker..  It goes rusty under the gas bottles and there is only a thin piece of metal on the flooring. We have the water inlet under here and it is prone to take on a little bit of water now and again, so we make sure we look after it.. We had a lovely day here and it gave the Vinyl tar a chance to dry, so we walked up to see Del's Mum Pat and Keith. They had just got back from Cyprus and looked very well. We dropped off our cases (which they are looking after for us) and picked up a door handle we had ordered as it had broken on the engine room door, more on that tomorrow...
On our return the gas locker still wasn't dry, so things had to all go in the cratch to see if it dries out over night.. We chilled in the evening with sandwiches as we had no gas..

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