Saturday, April 21, 2018

Just like old times

We pulled Derwent6 back to the end of the arm at Welford and then turned using the wind to go back into the village.
As we pulled into the basin there was Mark on the coal boat with his fresh delivery and he loaded on our one bag of coal we were owed.
We then picked up Del's Mum and Keith as we had planned a trip for them.
The weather was stunning; a warm 74 degrees, blues skies and not that busy on the canals.
They got themselves comfortable and we set off through the lock and back out to the end of the arm.
We then turned right and headed towards Foxton. It was good to see North Kilworth marina with three boats in and nearly finished.
We then entered Bosworth Tunnel and after a three hour cruise reached the top of Foxton Locks.. We turned and moored up..
 We got as close to the locks as we could and then walked down to the Foxton Locks Inn in glorious sunshine and found a lovely table outside.
We had a few drinks and a bite to eat but got very comfortable and didn't leave till 3.00pm. We took a slow walk back to the boat and on the way Keith very kindly brought us all an Ice Cream.
We left at 4.00pm for our journey back and the weather was holding out for us. It was great to be cruising in the sun again, but with the trickle of the water and the sun in your face it was hard to keep your eyes open..
It was a good job we had the tunnel to wake us all back up and prepare us for going back up the arm and then the lock.
We turned at the end again and then got out the wine and a few nibbles before we said our goodbyes.
It was a lovely day and another memory. We use to be taken out on this very trip on n.b Thema, and it was nice now to return the compliment and give us all a trip down memory lane with the roles reversed.

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