Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Floating again

We just had the buttons to go back on and while laying in bed could here Les getting things ready to float us.. Del put the front button on and then had to fit our new rear button.
There was a bit of cutting of the chain links and then fitting the covers on, but Les never rushed us, and after 20 minutes we were ready to go.
It takes two hours to drain, but only 10 minutes to fill.
The planks were slowly removed with skill so we weren't pushed to the back of the dock. It was nice to be floating again! and Derwent6 looked stunning.. We pulled out and switched places with n.b Mochyn Du.

Covered in dust Del did actually use the hose to wash off the roof. It was nice to be out in the air and with so much light... Del then walked over to help Mark who was now in the dock. They scrapped and jet washed the sides, which after two years was in very good condition and very easy to clean. It then had to be left to dry which would take the rest of the day. We took this opportunity to chill for a bit and then waited for Mr Tesco to turn up to fill out our cupboards again.
It's nice that the days are getting longer and we had a bit more light, we watched some telly as we hadn't been able to do that for a while and it rested our aching bones waiting for another onslaught tomorrow.. Best get to bed!

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