Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Day 1 blacking

We waited for Les to arrive in the morning to let us down in the dock so we could get to work on blacking Derwent6. He came in at 8.00am and we were down by 10.00am and out came the scrapers.
It was very hard work scraping the sides down, in fact it took us both four hours before we could jet wash the sides..
We also spotted that we needed new anodes which will be an extra cost as they have to be welded on.

After jet washing it was the long and painful wait for the hull to dry before any paint can go on, we decided to let it dry over night with blowers on and get up early and try and get two coats on during the next day..
After a hard working day we went over the pub for steak and chips and a couple of pints and then it was straight to bed.

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