Monday, April 23, 2018

gate crashing Yelvertoft

We waited for another Tesco's delivery and it arrived at 9.00am. So filled with water and food we left Welford for the final time for a while.
We pulled out of the arm and met up with Mark on n.b Mochyn Du and then we both took a slow cruise to Yelvertoft.
We both got a mooring just by bridge 20 and decided we would have something to eat and then try the pub in Yelvertoft..
It was about a mile walk and the pub didn't look too inviting when we arrived, and not great beers either, but when we got talking to the locals things turned around.. We even ended up doing the pub quiz and left there at 11.00pm a little worse for wear, hence we came last in the pub quiz and won a packet of Monster Munch crisps.

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