Saturday, April 21, 2018

The best a man can do!

We have been enjoying being on our own at the end of the arm here at Welford and used the time wisely. Del has constantly been working on the outside of the boat with brasses, polishing, painting the plank and pole, engine belts checking and central heating service, plus adding a few new bits like ropes and fenders..

Yes after ten years, three months, and eleven days, Derwent6 is looking like new again. This is the best Del could get Derwent6 to look, and she looks fab..
Al on the other hand did the same inside and with the smell of some home cooking, Derwent6 really is home..
To top things off Mark on the coal boat pulled up along side us with a new crew member.
Meet three year old Oscar, the rescued dog, and what a very happy little dog he is..
He has fell on his feet with Mark and a very good companion on those long winter days. Oscar has already fallen in three times so he is learning fast what boating is all about, and that he can't chase ducks when they are swimming.
We topped up with diesel and grabbed a bag of coal, only the fifth bag we have brought this winter as there has been so much wood..
So Derwent6 is ready for the off and a cruise could be on the cards for tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

D6 is looking grrreat and glad Mark has found a new companion to replce the lovely Khali.
Ann and Keith xx

Del and Al said...

Thank you! Oscar is so cute and really finding his feet and follows Mark's every move lol! x