Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Long Day

We left Norton at around 9.00am and headed up to the Watford flight. As we were leaving a boat pulled out in front of us and was going so slow we could have pushed them.... Then they made the mistake of not seeing the lock keeper before going up the flight of locks. You have to do this because the lockie (as we call them) is trying to save water. Well he wasn't too pleased with them but it did allow us to follow them up which saved us a bit of time..(not that we were worried about that) It doesn't pay to get in a lockies bad books.
We then cruised in the sunshine and went through crick tunnel and on to Yelvertoft.
We then passed some blogging friends Mo & Vanessa on n.b. Balmaha and were offered coffee.."rude not to stop then" we said. It was lovely to have some time with them and hopefully we'll meet up again in the winter months. Two hours later we were on our way again and finally arrived in Welford at 8.15pm. This was a really long day for us but we did make the most of the sunshine.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you on the move again.Hope every thing is well with Pam & Alf,thinking of you all.Love Dad & Terry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx