Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Lets get out the BBQ!

First of all Well Done! to David Winter for passing his driving test yesterday.... We decided to move today so we started the engine and walked along to our hungover friends Alan & Carol to say our goodbyes... wrong move!!! They invited us onto their boat as we had shown them round Derwent6 and then it was a coffee. By this time the sun was making it so hot and two hours later thought we had better turn the engine off. We then got into Shandy's and then the stomach started to rumble. After that we couldn't be bothered to move. "Lets try out that new barbie" Del said. So Al did some salad and supplied some burgers and Carol did some boiled eggs and supplied the sausages.

The BBQ was a great bit of kit which we saw on the gadget show on TV. You stand it on it's end and this gives it a chimney, when it stops smoking the coals are hot. You then open it up and throw on it whatever you like, and it cooked all our meat to perfection. Well out come the beers (hair of the dog) and we just sat in the sun chatting all afternoon and into the evening...Oh Well perhaps we'll move tomorrow....Perhaps!


Anonymous said...

I'm so enjoying being at work - NOT! :-)

Del and Al said...

Hi Julie
Sorry!!! we don't mean to rub it in... but we are just enjoying ourselves lol Don't work too hard!