Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Down to Margate"

"We're going down to Margate with all the family, Oi "

Today was the day of the Margate Airshow which is an all free event done by the local council. So it was up early and a large picnic prepared and once all our friends and family had arrived we took off in convoy. We used push chairs to carry the picnic along the sea front and the kids took the Double Decker bus. We found a good spot and stuffed our faces with a fantastic lunch and at 2.30pm we then watched the flying display highlighted by The Red Arrows. We then walked around the large fun fair and side shows, there was also live music. As the clouds were looming in we decided to all get the bus back to Birchington. If you asked the kids what the best part of the day was, they would say holding on to the hand rail at the top of the Double Decker bus, going up and down the hills and round the corners, and that was free as well.... It was a good job we decided to make a move because it bucketed down... When we got back we had a large tea and a few beers before the sea air got to us and we all crashed out...


Les Biggs said...

Hi there fellow bloggers
I like the pictures you have caught the planes right in frame.
See you both again sometime/somewhere.

Anonymous said...

shame we didnt know you were down this weekend - we were in Whitstable and walked over to Herne Bay - could have met up!!! We must book some dates for you to come and stay at the house Zxxx

Del and Al said...

Thanks Les
The Air show was great and because it was over the sea, the planes could fly a lot lower, so everyone got a great view. Hope all's well with you and looking forward to catching up sometime

Del and Al said...

Hi Z
Sorry, bit of a last minute thing, wanted to pop in but ran out of time!!