Monday, June 08, 2009

Just another manic Monday!

We left this morning at 8.30am to get water and get rid of our rubbish and then met up with n.b Thema and locked through Braunston locks with them. The locks were quite busy for a Monday but saying that when we went through the tunnel we never passed anything. We decided to moor just before Norton Junction as we wanted to see if there were any moorings before the locks. On our return to Derwent6 we were met by a guy claiming he was BW shouting "You can't moor there". He said " Didn't you see the signs". "What signs" we said.....there were no signs where we moored, although there were signs on the other side of the canal. "You still can't moor there" and with this he proceeded to produce a camera from his pocket and took our photo shouting " I'm reporting you to BW"

Well with this we took out our camera and took this shot of him still ranting and raving. It turned out he was only a contractor who had his cocky shades and his Hitler hat on. Anyway we moved on to a mooring before the lock and went to the pub for lunch. After lunch we were surprised by Mike & Gerry from n.b Tubbs (another Fernwood boat) who were moored around the corner. We had a good old gossip and a catch up with a glass of wine. While they were there we got a phone call from BW complaints, after explaining our side of the story and the camera incident, they were very apologetic and sorry to bother us.

In the evening Pat & Keith popped in for a coffee before we part ways tomorrow.

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