Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Turning back.....

A beautiful morning, so it was up and off. The only problem being that we were facing the wrong way so would need to wind (turn round) somewhere. We thought that we might be able to turn where we had moored, as some boats had already done this successfully over the weekend, but it wasn't to be, Derwent6 was just a tad too long. So we went down one lock, and bingo we manage to turn in the pound, with 6 inches to spare. It was pretty tight but we just got round. This meant that we didn't have to go all the way down the locks and then back up them again. We got up to the top lock and filled with water. It was really busy at Stoke Bruerne today, with lots of people enjoying their lunch by the canal in the sunshine, and three school parties enjoying the boat trips.
We made our way through the tunnel passing four boats, Bilsworth is the third longest tunnel on the system and it takes about fifty minutes to get through it. You can't see the end when you enter it. We gently cruised all the way back to Weedon when the sun got the better of us and we decided to moor up. We then sat and watched the rabbits and geese in the field opposite and also the rush hour trains rumbling by.
We did this reading books and magazines until late evening as it was still light up to 10.20pm.

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