Friday, June 05, 2009

Taken for a test drive!

Got up this morning to bright sunshine and Derwent6 needed to be facing in the opposite direction. Keith from n.b Thema wanted to try out the Axoin prop so he took the tiller and off we went. His first reaction was how smooth the tiller felt and also how responsive Derwent6 was. When we turned he noticed the power and turning circle, he also liked the control in reverse.
When we got back to our starting point we had some lunch. N.b. Thema then set off for Braunston while we just chilled for the day. Our peace and quiet was disturbed by some idiot riding up and down on one of those miniature motorbikes. If a dog or a child were to step out, this guy was going to hurt someone. We did feel like having a piece of rope tied to a tree and pulling it tight as he went pass, then he could have been on Britain's got Talent. But in our situation it's not worth getting stressed over and if you do, pull the pins and move on......So we just enjoyed doing nothing.....


Bottle said...

Ah! Yes but (no but) how much of the better handling was down to the design of the hull etc. and not the prop.
Assuming of course your and Thema's hull are not from the same shell builder.

Congratulations on reaching six months, by the way.

Del and Al said...

Hi Keith
Jim's hull does play a part in the handling of Derwent6, but n.b Thema is a Colecraft shell and we all know how long they have been going... As we are getting used to the prop we feel it was one of the best judgments we made. Time will tell... Hope your build is going well!