Wednesday, June 17, 2009

That's why we're doing this!

We left this morning after finding out that the forecast was rain after 13.00. We made our way towards the roar of the M1 taking in some of the sights and wildlife on the way. Seeing the M1 reminded us of why we are doing this.. Where are all these people going and why do thy have to do it at 100mph....the world is mad!!!! We got to the bottom of the Buckby flight and stopped for a pumpout. Someone was already on the pumpout station so we waited two boats down for them to come off. While we were waiting someone coming down the locks decided they would push in front even though they knew we were waiting...but the bit that hurt them most was that we were in no rush, "When your ready we will move up".....You should have seen them rushing around feeling bad and panicking to get off the pump and their dog fell in the canal in the process...serves them right!

As we moved through the locks it started to rain, spitting at first and then getting harder towards the top. The new lock gate had been done at lock No.8 and we passed the little canalside shop selling loads of canal stuff. We were lucky to find a slot at the junction .
In the afternoon the rain just got worst so Al did some gaming while Del listened to music. We're back on 3G and good TV signal, so as we haven't felt the need to watch any telly for over a week, we will tonight for a change.

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