Saturday, June 27, 2009

Foggy and muggy

Woke up this morning to thick fog but lovely and warm. We sat in bed working out our finances and budget for next year on the figures we have got for the first six months...not the most exciting of jobs, but it needs to be done..We put some washing out to dry and then had breakfast. We had no plans to move today as we thought we would let the weekend traffic do it's thing. We did the normal cleaning jobs and watched the tennis in the afternoon. You all know how we love those relaxing days.


Ann/Kev said...
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Ann/Kev said...

Hi Del&Al
we are heading your way in fact just about to do the Watford flight so may pass you today or tomorrow.
Kev&Ann (4evermoore)

Del and Al said...

Hi Kev & Ann
Will keep an eye out for you.....we're heading off for crick tomorrow