Monday, January 05, 2009

Fire fighting in the snow

Don't worry about us .....We're just wrapping up the end of the day we can just go back to bed. The morning started with a look out the window and this is the view.
We let the fire go out last night due to the fact we found the riddle bar was not working and the rear air vent was not working correctly. Bad move, it was freezing when we got up, so we quickly had to get on the case. After clearing out the ashes we were surprised to find the griddle plate fitted the wrong way round and linkage rod bent and not connected.

After sorting that out we had a look at the rear air vent and was also suprised to find the linkage rod distorted and bent. Something else not checked when fitted.
But after a repair we were back up to speed..
Due to this cold snap it's looking like we may be staying put for a few days, at least we have the joy of shoreline and we get a good internet connection. At the moment we are ok for food, water and diesel, but watch this space !!!!


Ann/Kev said...

Hi Del & Al,
Were stuck in Ice at Gailey, doesn't look as though we will be moving anywhere before the weekend, may run out of coal before then though!
Regards, Kev & Ann

Anonymous said...

hope you are keeping warm,no snow here and it is above freezing,oh the joy of living by the sea!!!!Dad & Telxxxx

Anonymous said...

ah at least you wernt having to grit the hill at 6am to get to work!!

Zed x

Del and Al said...

Hi Kev & Ann
We're pretty gratful that we're in the marina at the moment where we at least can get fuel and water. (but it is costing us)Oh well you'll have be on the lookout for wood then, and then lets hope the weather warms up for the weekend. Keep warm!

Del and Al said...

Hi Dad & Tel
We are warm and toasty but we can't help but think of that brisk wind you get off those coastal waters.
Nice views though!!!

Del and Al said...

Just the thought of you gritting the hill on your way to work just makes us smile....take care!