Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Down South

Sorry we haven't blogged for a couple of days but Al has been down south to see her parents while Del has been sorting out Derwent6. We have done a few jobs like new inner tubes for the bikes (after all those punctures) and the first engine oil change (yes we have now done over 50hours) and a bit of touching up....

It felt funny that we weren't together for the first time on Derwent6 and it always feels funny when we leave the boat for a short time.
This morning we were woken up by a freight barge going by full to the gunwale's of sand and slabs and it wasn't going to slow down for us moored on a quite bit of the Leicester line. It smashed us against the rails and took some of that fresh paintwork with it, but we felt lucky he managed to get by us and not crash into us. On the brighter side, it is so good to see that this three or four lorry loads of building material was being kept off the roads and that canals are being used commercially, and aren't just used for pleasure boats. I bet that load got there before those lorries on the M25. I just managed to get a photo of it out the porthole as it went past.(the empty section had slabs and tools in it)
The good news is we now have our licence holders and they came free of charge due to the fact that they are free with new boats. They are now on display in the stern portholes. We are legal!!!!!

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