Wednesday, January 28, 2009


With rain this morning we did a few more jobs and then went for a walk around lunchtime. Though it was a bit flooded, we had our wellies on. Good job when you see these pics.
This path took us to the place where the horses used to be taken over the hill while the boats were legged through Crick tunnel, and they have now called the road Boat Horse Lane. It was full of lovely thatched cottages with some of them dating back to the 1600 century.

This brought us back to Crick village, (were we now know the woman in the Co-Op) and then we walked back to bridge 12..... does anyone know what the tap is for hanging from the centre of the bridge, only we're not running on steam.We then went on to Crick marina for some coal and check out their price of diesel (and diesel split). We brought two bags of their best smokeless for £8.75 using the sackbarrow.
It was then back to Derwent6 for something to eat and the ducks got the stale bread.


Halfie said...

Well, I had a bit of a think, and a bit of an internet search, but haven't found out what that attachment on Bridge 12 is. I thought at first that it might be an old gas fitting - the bit sticking out near the bottom looks a bit like a gas tap - but the metalwork at the bottom looks too chunky. And what would a gas lamp be doing there anyway? No, that doesn't make sense.

Perhaps we could see it closer up?

Del and Al said...

Thanks for looking Halfie ..We did the same with no luck, but hoped someone would be able to tell us. If we get any joy we will let you know.