Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Every towpath has it's thorn

Today we decided we must use the bikes.......Bad move!!!

We built the bikes up and set off for Market Harborough . It all started rather well and the scenery was fantastic, but on getting into Foxton, British Waterways were cutting the hedgerows with a hedge trimmer. It was great to see that your hard earned money was being used to trim towpath hedges, but these were thorn bushes and the thorns were being scattered all over the towpath. There was a guy trying to clear up the bits and pieces but not doing a good job of it. We had not noticed until it was too late, and out come the puncture kit.
My worry was for the Dogs being walked along this section and the thorns getting under their feet or a child falling over and one going through their hand, and yes we were angry that we had to sort out our puncture!!

We then got off on our merry way but it was too late to get to Market Harborough so we headed back.
Into the sunset....

When we got back to Derwent6 we got out a couple of bottles of Derwent6 Ale (yes Derwent6 Ale) thanks to brother Cliff. They went down well with a Ali Curry.


Anonymous said...

Hi there Ali and Del,
Thank you for your Christmas card.---------Also the photo's of your Christmas with you and your Dad singing, brought back memories to Barb and me of us all together in the States--------It's great to follow your day by day activities.----Keep 'em coming.----As for us,we are up to our waist's in snow.--------Mind you ,today it has started to rain so obviously it's warming a little.
Love to see you any time you want to visit Canada again.-------------Wish your Dad and Terri could come too.---------Anyway,Lots and Loads a Love to you both.------------Have a GREAT 2009 Les n Barb.xoxo

Del and Al said...

Hi both!
Lovely to hear from you, and glad you're following the blog. Bet the snow's pretty where you are, we've just had a dusting and everything comes to a standstill !!! Thoughts of Whistler, Banff and Lake Louise make us want to go skiing again and come and see you.....maybe one day. Take care and keep warm xxx