Monday, January 12, 2009

We said we wouldn't do it, and we did.

First thing this morning we got up and took the hire car back. Enterprise were just fantastic again. They offered us coffee and run us back to the boat, a journey of ten miles. We then moved to get a pump out and topped up with diesel.

Debdale have been brilliant, letting us stay on the mooring and with good fuel and pumpout prices they come recommended.
Then the heavens opened and we said we wouldn't travel in the rain....well we did !!! and got soaked... We just wanted to get out the marina and have different scenery..Oh well!!

It's great to look out the portholes and just look at fields and not other boats..We can't be bothered to set up the aerial, so it may be another DVD tonight or just some music.


Anonymous said...

I take it that Del didn't christen the 'numbrella' yet then?

Del and Al said...

Hi Ann
No we didn't get out the Nubrella as it was still lurking deep in the front lockers..One day it will come out.