Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fox and Hounds and a Jay on the horizon

This morning we were up early for Del to have his haircut (this time inside the engine room) and were startled by the sound of horses, bugles and dogs barking...yes there was a fox hunt on..We thought it had been banned but perhaps not, as we watched in horror as the poor fox came running down a field and up against the canal opposite us with nowhere to go.... and yes they got it. There must have been about 40 dogs and about 70 horses, so it is still popular around here. We had the batteries on charge on the camera so couldn't get any shots of it.
Lunch time today we had some surprise guests as Pat and Keith on n.b Thema had brought down Jay and Ella for a small trip and they really enjoyed themselves, It didn't take Ella long to find out where the wine and glasses were on Derwent6. We said our goodbyes at the top of the locks and were amazed how busy it was.
When we got back we managed to get our satellite signal, but decided due to the high winds over the next few days we would bring the dish in. We have battened down the hatches and listened to the strong winds rocking us about,(lets hope it rocks us to sleep) so we won't be surprised if we're across the canal in the morning.

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