Friday, January 23, 2009

Walk to Welford

Woke up this morning at the end of the Welford Arm, to the snow they forecasted, so stoked up the fire, and waited for it to clear like they said. The plan was that we were going to try out our manual pumpout system on Derwent6. The waste tank is about half full at the moment and we were going to take Derwent6 up the Welford arm and try the manual pump out system. The sleet and snow did stop, but the wind was still very strong, so we made the decision not to take Derwent6 up the arm. We put on our winter weather gear and went for a walk into Welford.

We've got to admit Derwent6 looked fantastic as we left her to set out on our one and three quarter mile walk into Welford, and as we looked back we could still see her on the horizon. We did notice one poor boater getting into difficulty due to the wind. They were pushed into these trees and we didn't want to take another photo to embarrass them anymore. As it was lunch time, we popped into The Whalf Inn at the end of the arm and were surprised at the reasonable prices. We can recommend the fish and chips (£5.95) and the bread and butter pudding, Oh well, we are walking it off.
We then went on to the village which takes you through a small park and up to the village high street.
In the village they have a store which also has the post office, so we picked up a few provisions and posted a couple of cards.

There were a few moorings in Welford, but as you can see they were few and far between, we were glad we walked and felt better for it.

When we got back to the boat it was all warm and toasty so we just snuggled down to a nice quiet night.

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Pip said...

Hi Del and Al, we are just about to buy the washing machine and tumble dryer for Windsong, but can't make up our minds - we think we are going to go for a full size w/machine, and a compact condenser dryer (as the full size ones seem to be very large indeed) Both appliances are to be in the galley, so we have to watch the depth, front to back. I have scanned your blog, but can't find any mention of what you decided on - please can you let me know, also if you have had any probs with them. Thanks