Thursday, January 08, 2009

Boat work on ice

Bit of a jobs day today. The housework needed doing (or should that be boatwork), so out came the hoover and duster. After a spruce up and a load of washing, we contemplated moving, but decided to stay put until the weekend. The ice is still quite thick in places, and the ducks are skating not swimming!

Del went off on his bike to retrieve the missing stamps from yesterday, and post some letters.

Later in the afternoon there was a loud cracking noise from outside, and we watched nb Harnser attempting to break the ice as they needed water. It was quite a job breaking through, but the problem is if you need water or a pump out, then you just have to try and get to a tap or a pump out station.

Tonight? Just chilling out by the fire with a glass of wine and a film :-)


Bottle said...


Good to see you're chilling out.

We are visiting Fernwood on the 26th.

Peruvian Sky's is supposed to be going out the week before.

Del and Al said...

Bet you can't wait to see some progress, as for Peruvian Sky's, Um we'll see.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Ali and Del,did you get the notes I left you about three or four days ago ??????Les.O in Canada

Del and Al said...

Hi Les
Great to see you commenting on the blog and it just shows your not far away.....Yes we did reply but on he same day you put the comment. Dad and Tel now have your e-mail address


Peruvian Skies said...

It had better go out or else we will be homeless :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Del and Ali, Great to see it all went well and looks like you are having lots of fun.At least when it is icy the rain stays away!

Keep in touch and will try and get down to see you in 2009

Love Jooles xx

Louise & Cliff said...

that duck would needs warming up about 180 degrees 40 mins and a bit of orange sauce sounds about right

Anonymous said...

Hi Del and Al, glad to see your having a good time.

Sarah + Bernie